March 26, 2018

We all know that compared with Magento 1, Magento 2 has significant advancements from the new interface at the frontend; site performance improvements related to PHP and other technical support; to the security and SEO getting more focuses. All of those changes could help ecommerce websites to conquer customers’ experience, creating a sense of user-friendliness, modernity, and convenience. For those who stand behind those online stores - business owners, Magento does not forget but offers them out of box changes, which is the upgradation and changes in the link admin, enabling them to manage and control business more effectively. When compared to Magento 1, the admin panel interface in Magento 2 is more intuitive and user - friendly, let’s take a closer look at Magento 2 Backend Demo to discover those modifications:

1. Administrative Admin Panel Interface

Magento 2 Backend Demo

With all necessary data to control actions on live site re-divided into proper sections of clear objectives such as Sales, Product, Marketing...where you can find information easily.

The admin account display contains research, notification and settings buttons at the right corner for merchants to conveniently update all activities, new orders coming or completed actions. They can also customize account’s information and choose to view changes from store view right after editing.

2. Dashboard View

On the Dashboard page, business owners can have an overview of current business results through general data including Lifetime Sales, Average Order, Quantity, and Revenue, as well as some highlights like Best Sellers, New Customers.

3. Sales Information Section

This section in Magento 2 is not so much different to that in Magento 1.x with same sub-categories: Sales; Invoice; Shipments and Billing Agreements.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

4. Product Information Section

In Magento 2, merchants can view product grid at their discretion simply by add or remove any information columns they want from the available list in settings, without having technical developers help with it.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

Furthermore, the entire “Add New Product” process display is rearranged with the main information and additional sections below that allow you to upload new products faster and easier. On Magento 2, you can also link videos to your products.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

Magento 2 Backend Demo

5. Customer Information Section

Similar to the customizable Products Grid, you can also freely add or remove columns in customer information section. Thus, viewing different fields of customers’ data will just like a piece of cake. The feature is extremely helpful for shipping, contacting or even market strategic analysis

Magento 2 Backend Demo

6. Marketing Expanded Functions

Understanding the importance of Marketing to ecommerce, Magento 2 aggregates all functions from Promotions, Communications, SEO, and User Content into 1 main category, optimizing these tools’ application.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

7. New Content Management

This new interface allows more actions to build a nice looking theme and attractive content for an online store. Responsiveness and compatibility between elements could surely be self-setup well with this section.  

Magento 2 Backend Demo

8. Synthetic Stores Section

Within the Stores section, merchants can set common policies related to pricing and currency for all products at one time.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

9. Settings Section

In this last but most powerful section, you can choose to edit the permission of the admin link, using technical tools and integrate new extension.

Magento 2 Backend Demo

You will also find here the useful tool is Data Migration - which helps business to transfer data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 quickly with no data loss. Read more about detailed instruction for using Data Migration here.

Why not migrate to Magento 2, when you can manage your business more easily and efficiently like this?



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