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What is Magento Solution Partner Program?

Magento Solution Partner Ecosystem is a trusted networking of companies and agencies that consult online store owners with the Magento Platform. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that has extensive features and complete customizability. This makes it an excellent platform for merchants who want to boost sale and raise their competitive advantage in the market. However, the leading platform requires its users to have quite an extensive knowledge about technology to get the most use of the system. This is a difficulty for stores owners who want to use Magento but have little or no experience.

From the Solution Partner program, Magento merchants can not only scale up their businesses but also improve customer experiences. This system is chosen from a global network of e-commerce experts, functioning to help merchants with end-to-end project implementations including design, customization, configuration, integration, and deployment. Magento divides their solution partners into four different types. They are Global Elite partners, Enterprise partners, Professional partners, and Business partners.

What are types of certification provided by Magento?

Experienced Magento professionals can prove their practical skills by earning a Magento Certification.. Recently, Magento has provided three types of certification for a typical Magento developer. They are Frontend developer, Certified Developer, and Developer Plus.

Frontend developer

Developers who achieve this Frontend certification have to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Magento's theming components. They also ought to have the ability to modify the user interface through best practices. A typical Magento Front End Developer creates and customizes Magento themes including images, translations, templates, layouts, CSS, Javascript, and other components of the front end of a Magento site. They use the Admin Panel to implement design-related system configuration and modify the appearance of specific pages (for instance, CMS, categories, and products).

In order to get the Frontend Certificate, the developers have to take an exam including 65 Multiple Choice questions.

Certified Developer

There are two exams in the Magento Certified Developer portfolio: Developer and Developer Plus. Developers who pass one of the exams can use the valued Magento Certified Developer credential in marketing their services.

  • Developer

A Magento Certified Developer can proficiently use all business processes in Magento. The processes are Structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic Architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing Advanced core knowledge — forms/grids full functionality, API, widgets, etc. A developer that earned a Certified Magento Credential can also make design decisions on the code level, including how to parse data files, steps of import, data verification, logging (etc.) In order to get the Magento Certified Developer Certificate, the developers have to take an exam that has 72 Multiple Choice questions (70 scored, 2 unscored).

  • Developer Plus

A Magento Certified Developer Plus need to be skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition. He(she) is also required to research deeply into details of the structure of Magento that may have not been explored, but can give an advantage when implementing a site using Magento. This credential required developers to complete 87 Multiple Choice questions of which 85 items are scored and 2 others are unscored.

BSSGeek - an Official Magento Solution Partner

BSSGeek is an Official Magento Business Solution Partner in Vietnam. We have helped more than 1500 store owners all over the world to solve complex business problems with innovative Magento solutions. At BSSGeek, we have teams of Magento certified experts and passionate employees working wholeheartedly together to provide clients the best solution in E-Commerce.
Bssgeek offers a wide range of services from building a site from scratch to integrate Magento with site back-end systems and 3rd party solution:

  • Module customization
  • Upgrade Magento version
  • Mantenance and support
  • Magento 2 development and support
  • Responsive theme development
  • Responsive theme development
  • Site speed optimization service

In summary, Magento Solution Partner is a highly practical program for every Magento store owners. You can easily find a trusted partner from the network to help you deal with the project implementations such as website design, customization, or platform configuration. Magento also provides different certifications for developers who want to have an official proof for their Magento skills. Finally, if you are looking for a Magento website development company, BSSGeek can satisfy any of your needs as a Magento Official Business Solution Partner.

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