Lushprotein is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition companies that offers a wide range of nutrition products to help people get fitter, healthier and stronger.

project scope
Project Scope
With Lushprotein’s exclusive offerings as health related products, the company came up with a clean and simple but still sophisticated design that need the hands of professionals for development. Building from the current theme to make sure everything works logically and goes well with the appearance, Bssgeek team have also provided consultancy for the company to help the business reach the growing demand.
Since the beginning, Bssgeek saw the significance importance of a management system to match the professional process and friendly environment for users so from using jira system which was produced from Atlassian company, bssgroup developed our own project management system which is not used only for bssgeek team but also internal projects. We find this is a milestone that can help boost the way the team handles every single tasks to make sure the best results are provided for customers.
require skills
Required Skills
At BSSGeek, we have the team of talented and Magento certified developers working to challenge the limits. By the deep knowledge of Magento css, html5 and other skills together with years of experiences, our developers has gained recognition and reliance from the client. And the effectiveness of the site is the most practical affirmation for this.

Its been a pleasure working with the team at BSS. They possess the rare combination of technical ability, responsiveness and genuine commitment to assist at whatever tasks is at hand. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

- Lushprotein-


Developer: Toan NM, Cuong TM

Supporter: Hieu Dang

Leader: Hannah Trinh


Duration: Since 2016


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